As the product moves throughout the supply chain, visibility and item tracking will become the critical process for every manufacturing sector. Not only  Industries like medical, food & beverages,automotive etc look for track and trace system, even in other sectors this system becomes essential for having greater control over products, achieving quality of the process and meet customer demands.Right from raw material received from supplier till final product delivery including production processes in between can be tracked and traced whenever required.
Due to manual error every equipment manufacturing company will face an issue in tracing the defect log in case of any defect or complaints received. In addressing these defects or complaints a lot of manual effort is required to resolve the problem on time. Our custom centric track & trace solution provides both real time traceability and web based suite for track & trace. It helps in greater insights of data & visibility to find the first defective part in production introduced along with supplier source & production status.

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ishttaa TechCraft®️ is an innovative and agile product company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take pride in building innovative products and customer-centric solutions by leveraging our expertise in engineering and information technology. We deliver superior business outcomes to our customers using a unique blend of competencies in Industrial Automation, Industrial IT, and IIOT.

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