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Ishttaa in South Indian Language Kannada means “LIKE”. Ishttaa is formless and Ishttaa is a feeling, which has no visual shape to symbolize. To depict logo of Ishttaa, a smiling face was reflected. Smile is a natural phenomenon of good work and so is Ishttaa (Like). SMILE is acknowledgement of liking. So we continue to work passionately till our work manifests into SMILE. Like is an integral part of smile. Like has no shape but smile does hence the lovely curve below last two letters of Ishttaa which represents SMILE.



Ishttaa has colours of Red, white and Yellow. Red as a background depicts passion in everything Ishttaa does, words of Ishttaa are in white which revels purity and the curve is in yellow which symbolises Friendship, as Ishttaa works as one team with its fellow teammates and its customers.

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The Making - Our Name, Our Tagline Featured

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Our Name- Ishttaa TechCraft

Ishttaa in South Indian Langauge Kannada means “LIKE”. We are extremely passionate about our work. We believe anything we do passionately will be liked and our team and customers are going to reciprocate. This is ishttaa. TechCraft represents Technology Crafting. We believe in bringing art into technology through our crafting abilities. Crafting is our recipe of success where we choose right technics that brings unique experience in our products and services. Every product is designed with utmost care like crafting.We bring the combination of Passion, Like, Technology and Crafting  to help our customers to reap benefits. So we combine Technology and crafting and call as TechCraft.


Tagline: Crafting Possibilities!

We love taking challenges that helps in reaching our customers to their goals. With the combination of Passion, Like, Technology we would like to craft possibilities at every step in weaving our teams and our customers to reach their goals. Our tagline is derived from the attitude of making it happen. We believe what differentiates us is we strive possibilities through our actions.


About Company

ishttaa TechCraft is an Industrial IT & Industrial Automation company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take the pride in building global and customer centric solutions. With huge expertise in engineering and IT our aim is to deliver business value to our customers. With a unique blend of competencies such as Industrial Automation, Industrial IT and Mobility, Ishttaa gives a unique experience.

We are here to bring interesting projects to life. We are an agile organisation, who  have been sharpening our wings to produce world-class user experiences. Our skill set grew from technology to design, user experience architecture, virtual reality, class working software, apps and much more. 

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