At Ishttaa, we passionately believe in “One Team, One Goal”. For a world class product to become functional and excel all teams should be inclusive aligning to customer needs. At Ishttaa, we have adopted the best Quality practices that enable best customer service and satisfaction. We understand that for our customers QUALITY of their products and services is of utmost importance. Yes, we ishttaaites always believe “A great Product is the outcome of meticulous efforts put in Quality ''. We strive & drive for quality work in everything that we do!!! 

Quality is our belief

Ishttaa TechCraft Aligns People, Process and Technology. All our Systems, Processes and the framework have been adopted from the best industry practices of ISO, CMMI and Agile Methodologies which are inline to the Domain and Technology that we focus. We follow continuous improvement on every process that is implemented for the development of our team & provide best outputs to our customers in all the fields that we work. All the documents are qualitatively, managed and implemented.

At Ishttaa all the QMS principles of Design, Build, Deploy,Control, Measure, Review and Improve are well defined and implemented. All functions within Ishttaa are centralized and process oriented with needed tools in place for the best coordination and synchronization. We have set standard processes & Procedures for all the functions. Be it Hiring, Business development, Finance or Project team each and every department has its defined protocols which are documented. All documentation is centralised and tools are in place for implementation so that there is no interruption or deviation in the process hence results in maintaining the Quality.

Quality product and Improved efficiency all the time are the two main aspects we consider. We challenge ourselves to improve our standards and procedures by eliminating risk of failures & errors,reducing delays, On time delivery, to give the best of time Quality to satisfy our customers.We understand & ensure needs are met on time resulting in Best output.

Achieving zero-error Quality product is our agenda, Our custom centric solutions with comprehensive Quality management capabilities customers can have deeper insights of data, detect problems/defects in the process and achieve a high quality productivity without compromising on cost.

About Company

ishttaa TechCraft® is an Innovative product company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take pride in building a global brand with products and customer-centric solutions. With huge expertise in engineering and Information Technology, our aim is to deliver business value to our customers. With a unique blend of competencies such as Industrial Automation, Industrial IT, and IIOT, Ishttaa gives a unique experience.


We are here to bring interesting projects to life. We are an agile organization, who has been sharpening our wings to produce world-class user experiences. Our skill set grew from technology to design, user experience architecture, virtual reality, class working software, apps and much more. 

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