Every manufacturing company has multiple types of machinery to meet their daily targets. Integrating all these machines so that they all work together without any operational friction demands effective business, operational and automation system integration. Our team can give a holistic, platform-independent approach to any system integration. Using your existing automation, operational and business systems infrastructure wherever possible, combined with a fit-for-purpose approach for new technology selection where necessary.


Ishttaa TechCraft can provide expertise and solutions in a variety of critical areas including:


  • Product flow simulations using Demo3D
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Software Prototyping
  • Software Development
  • PLC, HMI, DCS Programming
  • System Testing / Validation
  • Legacy System Migration
  • MES Data Integration consisting of multiple systems such as SAP, ERP, IOT, SCADA, & Proficy interface programming.
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Recipe management Systems
  • Barcode scanning systems and ERP interface.

About Company

ishttaa TechCraft®️ is an innovative and agile product company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take pride in building innovative products and customer-centric solutions by leveraging our expertise in engineering and information technology. We deliver superior business outcomes to our customers using a unique blend of competencies in Industrial Automation, Industrial IT, and IIOT.

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