Now-a-days “Smart technology” is becoming a need  for everything we use, even the  Business market is always occupied with new & smart  technologies, specially in the automation field there is always a cutting edge technologies emerging- in. Name it big data, Industry 4.0, industrial Internet of things, Artificial intelligence all these technologies are changing the  each and every face of business operations. 

 A smart approach in an interconned manner is “ Industrial Internet of things” , it aims in bringing machines, Analytics & People together which results in improved overall performance efficiencies. These interconnected Industrial devices along with communication technology offers greater insights to monitor & analyse hence improves all aspects of business.  IIoT is a budding technology, its future results will be promising because of the benefits it offers. Predict machine failure before the machine fails, Real time data analysis, reduction of downtime, accurate tracking, improved equipment safety are few benefits it offers.

At Ishttaa we add value and generate greater ROI to our customer business through IIoT solutions. Our solution addresses the challenges & business pain points through proper understanding and provides the right solutions. Making use of powerful technologies like cloud & edge computing, analytics with secure access ishttaa stands to add benefits to customers.

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ishttaa TechCraft®️ is an innovative and agile product company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take pride in building innovative products and customer-centric solutions by leveraging our expertise in engineering and information technology. We deliver superior business outcomes to our customers using a unique blend of competencies in Industrial Automation, Industrial IT, and IIOT.

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