Ishttaa understands that the key success of any manufacturing sector depends on the ability to optimize throughput and produce quality products while maximizing the efficiency. Our product gives the visualization of real time production data, historical analytics for analysis, instant notifications on your finger tips for quick actions allowing people to make faster and smarter decisions based on real-time data. 

It is always important for the manufacturers to optimize the process and empower the people for improving the efficiency of the Plant. Using imachineTrack manufacturers can adopt smart manufacturing to their shop floor which is user friendly and produces powerful results. iMachinetrack is a powerful and perfect product for manufacturers who are looking for improving OEE by enhancing the shop floor communication by integrating with any kind of modern or retrofit CNC machines.
iMachineTrack, a flexible and powerful, user friendly product which provides real time production data for monitoring and control to drive Overall Equipment efficiency. It gives right information to the right people to make the right decision at the right time through dashboards and results in providing complete process visibility across any device.It helps in harnessing the real time actionable data to take decisions from the place we wish to by saving time and cost. It also empowers the workforce to optimize the process with step wise guidance by providing data Analytics to predict and prevent issues before they occur. By condition based monitoring it helps in Identifying bottlenecks to reduce the unplanned downtime. iMachineTrack maximises the efficiency of your shop floor



Connects to different kinds of machine brands like Haas, Fanuc, Siemens, Mazak, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi etc and the communication protocols like OPC UA, OPC DA.


Removes unnecessary paperwork by automated data collection. It collects the data from each machine of the production floor without any sensors.


Creates the environment where people can communicate and collaborate effectively through Key performance indicators dashboards, helps in Accessing and visualizing and  real time data of production floor  


Using real time data and reporting features can monitor and analyse to take quick decisions which enhances and empowers the plant OEE.  


Key Benefits of iMachineTrack 


We all know what smart technology in this Industry4.0 revolution can bring, But the one who uses the technology smartly will benefit and stay ahead in the competition. iMachineTrack is a comprehensive product which includes the below key benefits:


  • Improved OEE
  • Enterprise wide visibility
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Condition based Monitoring
  • Improved Performance of Operator 
  • Alerts and Notifications on finger tips
  • Custom Reporting
  • Historical data Analytics


iMachineTrack helps in transforming the insights captured data into actionable data for easy decision for improving the OEE of the plant.

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