We at Ishttaa Techcraft provide a comprehensive approach, it solves challenges related to design and development of the electrical system by delivering economical, safe and reliable design solutions that meet client requirements.

 Our electrical design services include:

  1. Calculation and Network Analysis
  2. Load list
  3. Single line diagrams
  4. Electrical layouts
  5. Power distributors
  6. Equipment and component sizing
  7. Substation Engineering
  8. Power distribution
  9. Lightning and Grounding calculation
  10. Voltage drop and Cable sizing
  11. Cable schedule and cable tray layouts
  12. Relay coordination
  13. Detailed Engineering
  14. Design and layout drafting of Transformers, Breakers, Starters, HV/LV switchgear, LV Motors
  15. System studies

All the designs will be built in line to electrical and safety code requirements

About Company

ishttaa TechCraft®is an Industrial IT & Industrial Automation company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take the pride in building global and customer centric solutions. With huge expertise in engineering and IT our aim is to deliver business value to our customers. With a unique blend of competencies such as Industrial Automation, Industrial IT and Mobility, Ishttaa gives a unique experience.


 We are here to bring interesting projects to life. We are an agile organisation, who  have been sharpening our wings to produce world-class user experiences. Our skill set grew from technology to design, user experience architecture, virtual reality, class working software, apps and much more. 

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