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Lost and Found

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We had a customer meeting and for a change we thought rather than travel through the cab, let’s take the metro train. We finished a successful meeting and we were on our way back to the office in metro train. Super excited with the outcome and we were engrossed in discussions on how to take next step forward. As we were in the metro we were cutting a lot of traffic and in no time, we reached our destination. Feeling was awesome that we could beat traffic hazels and reach our destination. Came out of the station and suddenly realized that I am missing something. Thought for a while and my mobile was missing. I was thinking how could I have missed it... searched my pocket and bag but I couldn’t find it.  I realized that I have lost it and there is no way I could get it back. All that awesome feeling had evaporated by now and excitement was converted to disappointment. For a moment, i thought I need to forget and move on but somewhere my mind was saying, I should give a try, it's fine even after me trying if I don’t get my mobile but without trying,  I shouldn’t give up. I went back to the metro station and informed security that my mobile was missing. Office informed to the central security office and the officer told that "customer’s mobile is missing..." and there was a long silence... 

Then again officer asked me ... “Which brand the phone was?”.

I told him “Samsung galaxy note”.

Officer asked, “Do you have your I'd card with you”.

I said “Yes! I do”.

He said “Get us a photocopy of it.

I was curious to know if they found my mobile. In a while, the officer replied, “Yes! We have the mobile with us, please get us a photocopy of your ID card and complete the verification process and collect it. 

They informed me that they found my mobile in train and as part of their routine check-up and cleaning activities. The staff was really concerned and they tried their best to reach me as well to return my mobile. As mobile didn't have the battery so they had put it for charging so that at least someone will give a ring to it and through that they wanted to reach me. The staff and officers were extremely caring and supportive in completing the process. I submitted the document and collected my mobile. I also saw a register book where a lot of people found their lost stuff.   Finally, I was holding my mobile in hand feeling was great again.

Most often, we have too many complaints about what’s not working in our life or any system and this time I found something really amazing system (lost and found) in metro station which was dedicated to help passengers and I felt we should talk about this real good work by metro team and needs to be appreciated hence decide to write a blog about this amazing system. Their approach was very professional. Kudos to namma metro bengaluru team. Hats off! I could see the glimpse of changing India in a positive direction and this time change was for better. Good things begin from small and then they do grow to larger heights. 

My first travel became even more memorable and these were my learning’s

1)              Crafting the possibilities -Never give up without trying no matter how hard or situation looks impossible 

2)              Have a system in place ensures any anomalies are taken care immediately and smile of person or customer never fades away.

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