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Nowadays there is an increasing demand for software integration or software component in the control system. There seems to be growing demand for extracting key control parameters for analyzing the plant or process operations. No doubt ‘controls’ will the point of focus however the operating efficiency of the plant can be optimized by extracting the key KPI’s of plant control systems. 

Even a marginal improvement of 1% efficiency has a huge impact on reducing the production cost. Everybody wants to introduce theory of operational efficiency to meet the market needs. Most of the small, mid and large size plants have these data points in controller (PLC, DCS & SCADA). The best way to monitor efficiency will be always by looking at real-time data coming from control layer.

Now moving forward the need for the day is not just control system but beyond that. For a better understanding of operations, we are in the stage where we would like to take the data from controllers or SCADA into custom application for a detailed analysis. Some of the major operations of plant are monitored and reported to management to indicate the progress and status of the plant. To drive the key performance parameters and to gain the actual information data is collected from the controllers. Data collection from controller helps in analyzing performance and identifying improvement areas. As you know “what you cannot measure, you can never be control it” so the first step for any analysis is always collection of data, it’s only after that control is possible. Most of the control system supports software integration (I mean to say tight integration of controllers & software application).

To understand this better, following are the some of the requirements are the best example for software integration with industrial automation application and extracting key control data into information systems. 

collecting and sending the real time data form control layer to ERP systems

Integration of RFID / Barcode to track the components

Collecting energy consumption for each batch (chemical processing plant) and maintaining reports for financial reports.  

Collecting and analyzing the historian data and generating Dashboard applications to communicate the historical & real time analysis to management. Through web based intranet application

Identifying the real time status of Inventory, actual consumption of material can be extracted from SCADA and reported for planning and scheduling activities.

Based on control parameters, Maintenance can be planned and scheduled

MES (manufacturing execution systems) revolves around collecting the process information for a systematic implementation product manufacturing.   

vision based solutions -Image processing and control information integration

Collecting data from manufactured device by implementing automated testing process for Quality assurance and reporting test results.

I would like to hear from you, what are the other software integration requirements that you feel are the key in industrial automation areas, where in software integration will play a major role. I am on my way to build this list on type of requirements; I would highly appreciate your contribution and inputs in building this list. Kindly request you to help me by giving me your valuable time and thoughts. It will just take 2 minutes for you to think and act. I welcome your inputs from any domain for ex. It can be from Power, manufacturing, discreet industry, oil and gas etc….

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