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we believe, we should make good use of technology let it be work or in my personal life.  Have observed myself, based on my experience  making use of new technologies can only happen, if I am ready for change and open for new thinking. Unless and until I am ready to take-up this challenge of driving me though this change, there is no way I can learn to adopt new technology & grow out of it.

Having said about new technologies, I am not for anything and everything that comes out of technologies. All I am saying is, I have to make effective usage of technologies. If there is a simplified way of working or living then, I don’t mind to adding “technological changes” or learning’s in whatever I do. For me it’s like, taking time out from existing activities by adding technology, so that I can make use of saved time for something new or for activities that I am not able to allocate time from quite long.

Though every new technology has its own advantages and disadvantages but still over a period of time we have learned to accept them as we move on with life. Eventually a yesterday’s “New technology” has becomes part of our “Today’s life” or let me put it this way “it has become way of life”. For e.g. I had lot of hesitation in entering the social media websites like Facebook or Twitter and now it has become the way of my life, I used these sites to share my experience with so many people. With help of these sites I share my knowledge in belief that it will helpful to others. When we know we are going to adapt new technologies one or the other day, then why to resist for it. let’s not waste time in thinking too much, should I adopt it ?or should I wait for something better ?, with this thinking we are losing a lot on the experience. it’s always better to start something then keep thinking with nothing in hand. When we start with something then we are preparing ourselves with learning and gain experience through it. Where as if we don’t start then we are losing out precious time in gaining the experience. 

However I want to make one point clear, adding technology should not bring laziness in us( have few observations, day by day new technologies have made us more lazy, where as we should be utilizing it for our benefit. Technology should be our strength and never it should become reason for laziness and weakness.

Using technologies for our own benefit is also a art, I feel one needs to develop this art. Following are my view points on it. When we find new or upcoming technologies, we need to  ask following question to our-self, based on the answers, we have to decide and take it forward.

1)      where to use?

 2)      How much to use?

 3)      How  to use?

 4)      Degree of impact  existing  setup /platform?

 5)      Is it worth ( if It has some financial investment )

 6)      What are the long term benefits and shortfalls?

When we get satisfied answer for the above questions then my decision is based on clarity. If one feels the answers has key points that needs more clarity then we need to review till we get clarity. In simple words, for me technology is intelligence that we will be adding to any activity so that it can perform my work without much involvement/ dependency from my side. This is my current understanding (under maintenance, I will revisit this school of thought, when I have a new upgrade / patch available based on new experiences :-) 

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