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ishttaa TechCraft is an Innovative product company focussing on Industrial IT, Industrial Automation & Industrial IOT. We provide products & Customer-Centric Solutions to improve production throughput, reduce waste & increase up-time. One Team, One Goal is our motto.

Industrial Automation

As an independent automation service provider, we provide solutions and support every phase of your Industrial Automation projects-from startup and commissioning to ongoing maintenance irrespective of the industries. READ MORE

Industrial IT

Driven by a team of experienced technocrats, We provide system integration and specialized software engineering services. Backed by our domain knowledge and competencies in automation, we offer a wide range of IT services for our customers. READ MORE

Industrial IoT

We bring the next league of enterprise solutions through IIoT. We make data more accessible, powerful, affordable solutions to enable real-time decisions to improve efficiency and productivity. We can do seamless data integration from plant-floor to various field devices... READ MORE

Designed for Strategic; Engineered to Last

Looking for Strategic Business Partners?

Getting the right partner solves all the issues and helps our customers to focus and aim high. A right partner would work for you enabling you to do what's only the best…

Our Solution Approaches to help you to improve your business…

Our talented pool of professionals gives you access to the world of ideal solutions enabling you to craft the Unknown with all the possibilities…


Strategic Engagements

We work with you to craft your passion. Have a great idea we have the right crafting techniques converging different stakeholders as part of our strategic planning. READ MORE

Platform Based Solutions

Using readymade platforms in the project/ products reduces the development costs and substantially the time. READ MORE

Product Engineering Services

Our skills in product engineering across industrial automation and industrial IT products helps us to deliver world class products and services. READ MORE

Training and Development

We sharpen our skills and build our capabilities continuously to give the right solutions aligned to current trends and technologies. READ MORE

Our Partners

Inductive Automation


Ignition by Inductive Automation


Wonderware System Integrator

Wonderware is the market leader in real-time operations management software. This lays a strong foundation to our mission to bring “Art into Technology” crafting uniqueness in every solution we deliver through the best in class products. Ishttaa focuses on delivering customer-centric solutions with efficient project lifecycle of end-to-end implementation. Expertise includes Engineering, Application development, Solution deployment, System integration, Device integration, Product customization and Product development. READ MORE


Technical and Team efficiency is our key focus to reach our customer goals. To succeed in this we completely focus on mastering our craft’s constantly and regularly. Few of our competencies bench-marking are:

Control Systems












We Passionately Believe in...

One Team, One Goal

Customer focus is our objective, customer goal is our goal. We work as ‘One Team’ with our customers and suppliers too. This helps us to collaborate the best with our customers, colleagues and with our partners too


Being in time is always a good thing but being ahead of time is an excellent thing. Looking ahead and preparing ourselves ahead of time helps us in delivering excellence in everything we do.So we believe in creating everywhere so we train our professionals with best Blend of Domain, Technology, Culture, Attitude  and Process. This is what takes to customer delight.

Pro Activity

Great products don't come easy, its late nights, weekends at office, bruised egos and nervous stakeholders but we have found a remedy and its proactivity. it's doing it now, today instead of tomorrow, its knowing from the start that we would rather work hard and smart to make a project success than take it at the later stage and delaying it. Every team member has a voice and we make it count to reach your goal.


Building happening solutions: With multiple platforms being available choosing the best that fits us is the most difficult thing. At Ishttaa team of experts with utmost care brings the right and the most happening solutions to its customers that fits them and their environment the best. We love innovation and Challenges as this is what allows us to ‘Craft Possibilities’


We don't allow the pressure of business to bring down our teammates. We have lots of fun at work where our team mates get extremely crazy and creative to have loads of fun…


Build with us

Your Ideas Our Design, Trust us and work as one team. Our transparent process and methodologies will craft the best output for you.


Getting Acquainted

We focus on doing things right at the first attempt. Hence we understand our customers needs and objectives in depth.

Gathering Requirements

This is the most important foundation for any activity. Our experts either work with customers or do a detailed research in understanding the customer requirements thoroughly.

Executing Legal

All the necessary formalities such as signing an business agreement, partnership, contract or a statement of work shall be executed.

Project Roadmap

We’ll talk about a plan of action as to how a product or a solution would evolve over time schedule. This acts as a single source of truth across all teams.

Project Management

To meet specific success criteria, one has to have the discipline from initiation to handover. This discipline helps in right application of knowledge, technology, Skills and tools relevant to work being done.


Getting Acquainted

Every Organisation is different so are individuals. We give complete attention to customers vision and corporate norms where we adapt and deliver accordingly.

Corporate Culture Introduction

It’s the values, beliefs and attitudes that contributes to the organisation philosophy. We live by it and knowing its importance we with utmost care choose our team to make the right fit.

Executing Legal

All the necessary formalities such as signing an business agreement, partnership, contract or a statement of work shall be executed.

Recruiting Process

One weak link breaks the strong network. We carefully choose the best right from shortlisting, technically interviewing, Assessing the team and customer fitment.

Team Setup

We focus on setting up the team for success who accomplish goals and take their teams and Organisation to glory. Right Attitude, Knowledge and Skills are the key pointers we look into…

Project Managment

To meet specific success criteria, one has to revive the given objectives. Reviewing and monitoring the goals at regular intervals, registering the appreciation and feedbacks to take corrective actions, trainings for up skilling and cross skilling we do it all.






Want to work with us?

We are continuously interested in individuals who are willing to create a new path, explore new peak, willing to take new challenge, Explore, Innovate, Grow…Dare to be different, Create Possibilities…Join us to explore the journey of togetherness!!!


Not Everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. After all is said and done, more needs to have been done than said.


Years  of Industry Experience 






Hrs Technical Support


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ishttaa TechCraft®️ is an innovative and agile product company based in Bangalore, India. At ishttaa, we take pride in building innovative products and customer-centric solutions by leveraging our expertise in engineering and information technology. We deliver superior business outcomes to our customers using a unique blend of competencies in Industrial Automation, Industrial IT, and IIOT.

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